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Al-Khair Charity Foundation

Al-Khair Charity foundation is a non-govermental and non-profit organization which provides essential charity, social, socioeconomic, and education services to the the people of Afghanistan. The AKCFA aims to reach out to the most vulnerable and marginalized communities across the country, AKCFA not only provides them humanitarian aid, it also works on creative projects to develop the socioeconomy of those communities for them to become self-sufficient. The AKCFA is committed to providing services without considering national, political, racial, geographic, linguistic or religious affiliations. The organization is registered under the Ministry of Justice and is planning to expand its humanitarian projects to all provinces of the country. With a professional dedicated team of AKCFA and its sincere volunteers, the organization is making a significant contribution towards ending the poverty and improving the socioeconomic level of communities across the country.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world without poverty where everyone lives a good standard life and has access to quality social support, education, and healthcare services. We aim to empower needy communities by providing humanitarian aid in an effective way that brings them self-sufficiency and ends poverty.

Our Mission

To provide or assist in the provision of facilities and recreational activities to improve the social welfare and quality of life amongst various vulnerable groups. These groups include the orphans, widows, youth, and the elderly, those with a disability or those undergoing financial hardship. To empower marginalized communities and enhance their socioeconomic levels and and financial self-sufficiency through efficient projects

Our Value

The Al khair charity foundation abides by the following enduring values, which guide what we do, how we interact, and how we treat our stakeholders.

Professional Working Team

Employees at AKCF are a diverse group of people with a range of knowledge, abilities, skills, competencies, attitudes and emotions. They come from various backgrounds and have varying degrees of experience in the social work, social science, humanitarian assistance, economics and educational fields. Our working team is diverse in terms of race is the workforce, which consists of individuals from many cultures and ethnicitie together to accomplish common objectives. Employees of the AKCF have a variety of associated talents, such as leadership, communication, project management, organizing social events, creativity in humanitarian assistance and research techniques. They are dedicated to enhancing the economic situation and general well-being of communities around the nation and are passionate about their mission.

Leadership Team